Light a better future

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do

When we partner with you to create amazing projects, we work hard to do so responsibly. Our commitment to tackle environmental challenges means we are pro-actively taking action to minimise the impact of our materials used and operations, to build towards carbon neutrality.

Silver Medal EcoVardis

Methodology built on international sustainability standards. EcoVadis are the worlds largest and most trusted provider to rate our business and provide you with transparency on environmental, social and ethical performance - or sustainability

Waste experts partnership

We partner with waste experts to enhance our overall environmental performance.

•100% of waste is diverted from landfill.
•96% of waste is recycled, with the remaining 4% being recovered as energy from waste.
•Consolidating waste pick-ups to minimise our carbon footprint.
•Euro 6 standard for all waste pick up vehicles

Energy from renewable sources

100% of our electricity all comes from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind turbines.


•100% of cardboard waste is either used as shredded packaging filler or recycled.
•100% of plastic waste is used in bales or recycled.
•100% of our warehouse pallets are recycled.

Greener Packaging

Reduce, re-use & recycle

As packaging is the most produced item to a business outside of the products themselves, we know how important it is to do everything we can to minimise the impact it has on the environment.

100% Recyclable

•Our boxes are made entirely from card to make them easy to recycle.
•No plastics used to make our boxes (including the finish of the box).
•Vegetable oil inks are used to ensure they are recyclable.

FSC approved card

The card used in our boxes comes from FSC approved forests. This means that the card used to make the box comes from a replenishable forest and for every tree used another one is planted.

Less wastage

We make sure our boxes are designed to use as little material as possible to minimise their carbon footprint.

Less ink

Our new brown box design uses significantly less ink than a full colour box with images. When producing the packaging this makes the carbon footprint much smaller.