Floodlights & Security Lights

LED floodlights are frequently used as security lights, often with a built-in sensor to detect activity. Floodlights can provide the impressive brilliance needed to highlight great outdoor features: to emphasise particularly attractive architectural elements or draw the eye to specimen trees, or to create captivating courtyards and truly inviting entranceways. They are also the perfect luminaire to provide the powerful illumination you need to make large outdoor spaces like office car parks and college campuses safer places in which to walk. 
Collingwood's floodlights are market-leaders, combining exceptional efficiency with superior features and the level of quality for which we are renowned. 

Security lights for domestic settings

Available in 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100W outputs, these IP65 floodlights are by far the most energy-efficient on the market, providing up to 130 lumens per watt compared to an industry average of just 80 lumens per watt. Furthermore, a 120° beam angle means a wider spread of light, thus reducing the number of fittings required to achieve a successful plan within any given area.
They are uniquely flexible too. A simple toggle enables you to switch between three colour temperatures, so you can select or change between warm, neutral or cool white light at any time. Whilst an easy to fit, circular, tilt and turn fixing bracket provides 360° orientation and 180° tilt, ensuring greater mounting flexibility and more precise illumination.
They are flicker-free, making them easier on the eye, and the 10W and 20W fittings are particularly well suited to use alongside CCTV cameras. The black cast aluminium bodies keep their colour and quality, even in tough coastal conditions thanks to a special salt-mist protective paint, and the fittings perform in the most extreme temperature conditions ranging from -40°C to +40°C  
All fixtures are available both and without PIR sensors.

LED floodlights for industrial-sized spaces

Available in 100, 150 and 200W outputs, the K2 range also provides extremely energy-efficient illumination for large spaces such as warehouses, loading bays and car parks. Each output is available in a choice of colour temperatures and beam angles.
IP65 and IK08 ratings are evidence of their robust and watertight construction and the design has been tailored for easy installation, with 1m of flex supplied as standard, mounting angles stamped into the brackets to ensure consistency and star washers ensuring that the fixture is held in place long term.
High-efficiency LED bay lighting, ideal for illuminating large open spaces, is also available from Collingwood.

Floodlights for architectural use

If you require floodlighting fixed in less accessible locations, you really need a fixture that guarantees exceptionally long life and low maintenance. The FL200 triple-lamp linear floodlight features an inbuilt mains dimmable LED driver, waterproof mains connector and provides an enormous 70,000-hour lamp lifespan. 
It is constructed of anodised aluminium which, unlike powder coating, guards against corrosion, whilst the bracket is made of the toughest, 316 marine grade stainless steel. With no weak points, no rust to mar your building, and a design that throws a tightly controlled elliptical beam of light right where you want it, Collingwood's FL200 provides the ultimate architectural solution.
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  1. FL01
    10W colour switchable floodlight
  2. FL02
    20W colour switchable floodlight
  3. FL03
    30W colour switchable floodlight
  4. FL05
    50W colour switchable floodlight
  5. FL10
    100W colour switchable floodlight
  6. Indy K3 300W
    Indy K3 300W
    Symmetrical floodlight suitable for commercial and industrial applications
  7. K2
    114lm/W, 100W LED floodlight, IP65 & IK08 rated
  8. K2
    111lm/W, 200W LED floodlight, IP65 & IK08 rated
  9. K2
    114lm/W, 150W LED floodlight, IP65 & IK08 rated
  10. Indy K3 65-80-125W
    Indy K3 65-80-125W
    Wattage Switchable Symmetrical Floodlight
  11. Indy K3 125-165-200W
    Indy K3 125-165-200W
    Wattage Switchable Symmetrical Floodlight
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