Hallway Lighting

Hallway lighting must, of course, be functional. But this is the entrance to your home so it should be impressive too. If space is limited with a ceiling of no more than average height, as is often the case in modern homes, do not despair. We have numerous ideas to make your hallway stand out for all the right reasons.

Flush mounted LED downlights can be really effective, providing that you position them close enough to the walls to ensure that they paint your vertical surfaces with their light – look for tilt­‐adjustable or asymmetric beams for maximum impact. If your hallway enjoys high ceilings, surface mounted downlights create a strongly graphic feature; or, you could suspend a series of LED pendants.

Instead of making a feature of the luminaire, you could opt for a diffused and gentle wash of light all over the ceiling by hiding LED strip lights behind a coving. Alternatively, if you have beams, surface mounted spotlights always work well.

Do not simply assume that the ceiling must be your main source of light. If you are considering fitting a wooden or tiled floor, you could turn traditional thinking on its head and recess baffled ground lights into it. As well as being striking, upward illumination gives the illusion of height, and it is doubly effective if you are using a textured surface such as wood or tiles on the walls.

Up or downlights provide excellent ambient lighting, and when used effectively they will provide visual accents too. However, wall lights should also be considered as an alternative or addition. Because at Collingwood we focus on the illumination, not just the hardware, a number of our wall lights throw their illumination in wonderful shapes both up and down, creating maximum interest on even the plainest walls.

Creating a scheme for your hallway may, at first, appear less interesting and more daunting than creating one for your kitchen or reception rooms, but it is just as important. Along with a little lateral thinking, you really can create a grand entrance from even the most challenging spaces.

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  1. LSNT

    Top bend, waterproof flexible neon strip

  2. LSNS

    Side bend, waterproof flexible neon strip

  3. LSFA

    COF Dotless LED Strip, 8W/m, 5m reel with self adhesive backing

  4. LSFB

    COF Dotless LED Strip, 8W/m, 2.5m reel with self adhesive backing

  5. GL016 F
    GL016 F
    1W LED ground light
  6. H2 Pro 550 CS
    H2 Pro 550 CS
    Colour switchable, dimmable, fire-rated downlight
  7. GL018 T
    GL018 T
    Small panel mount LED marker light
  8. GL016 F AB
    GL016 F AB
    1W LED ground light
  9. GL016 Frosted
    GL016 Frosted
    1W LED Ground Light / Marker light
  10. GL016 SQ
    GL016 SQ
    Square 1W LED ground light
  11. GL016RGBW
    LED colour change ground light (5W max.)
  12. GL018 C
    GL018 C
    Small LED marker light
  13. GL018 C AB
    GL018 C AB
    Small antique brass LED marker light
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