LED Panel Lights

The addition of LED Panel lights to the Collingwood collection means we can now provide a complete solution for your commercial lighting projects. The new Solis range brings all the benefits of LED lighting to a conventional ceiling panel. Ideal for large open-plan commercial areas such as offices, shops, reception areas, schools and universities.

Using these LED panel lights instead of traditional light sources, such as T8 and T5 fluorescents, can lead to efficiency savings of over 60% in reduced energy and maintenance costs. And this comes at no compromise to the quality and performance of the light, which is of utmost importance in a workplace environment. Our panel lights are available in a low-glare UGR≤19 version for reduced visual discomfort.

Offering excellent value but of superior quality, the addition of Solis panels to the commercial range embodies the Collingwood core values of reliability, quality and expertise. Boasting a five-year warranty; these IP40 rated panel lights can be mounted into a grid frame ceiling as standard with the surface mount frames and suspension kits extending the scope of installation. When emergency panels are required; use the LEDEP10 for a plug and play solution.

4000K back lit technology ensures a uniform light distribution and, when combined with the low glare ratings, guarantees high performance after installation. Solis provides an excellent solution to any application.

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  1. Solis IP65
    Solis IP65
    600 x 600 IP65 LED panel
  2. Solis Pro
    Solis Pro
    Highly Efficient 160 Llm/W IP44 Wattage Switchable Product
  3. Solis

    Backlit 600x600 LED panel

  4. Solis

    Backlit 1200x300 LED panel

  5. Solis

    Backlit 1200x600 LED panel

  6. P1SK

    Suspension kit for 600 x 600 & 1200 x 300 panels

  7. P1SKC
    Suspension Kit for 1200 x 600 panels
  8. P2SMA
    Surface mount kit for 600 x 600 LED panel
  9. P2SMB
    Surface mount kit for 1200 x 300 LED panel
  10. P2SMC
    Surface mount kit for 1200 x 600 LED panel
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