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Smart lights are a simple and effective way to make your home smarter, giving you total control of your lighting from anywhere in the world. Collingwood has the solution in order to ensure that you can do exactly what you want to do with your own Smart home lighting system.

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Why add Smart lighting to your home?

Convenience is one major benefit of Smart home lighting, but it is also extremely effective at improving security. 

Collingwood’s Smart lighting allows you to create different room groups, say downstairs and a bedroom, and set rules or schedules, for example to turn off and on at various times. It all happens seamlessly and you can be very creative. Add in a TV and hall lights that come on when the doorbell rings and you can convincingly create the illusion of being at home even when hundreds of miles away.

Smart lighting also means a warm welcome, with the lights you specify programmed to come on when you arrive. Instead of always relying on pre-programming, you could build in flexibility with our geolocation feature which uses your location to notify your imminent return..

Perhaps best of all you can use our Smart lighting range to set a scene. Imagine waking up or going to sleep with a simulated sunrise/sunset. Or pre-setting your ambient, accent and task lighting to suit movie night or dinner with friends. Alternatively try linking your lights to music for your very own home show. The options are endless.

You may want to control all this with your voice via Alexa, Google Home or Siri Shortcuts. 

But, of course, you will want to do it in a simple and cost-effective way, without replacing your entire home and garden lighting system. Collingwood’s range allows you to do this.

Collingwood offers the smartest solution in Smart lighting

The Collingwood Smart lighting system makes the ordinary extraordinary. 

This means that it will make a dumb light smart. So you can keep all your existing downlights (although optimised for Collingwood luminaires), and your well-considered outdoor lighting scheme without needing to replace them.

Collingwood Smart lighting works with both Alexa, Siri Shortcuts and Google Assistant (the technology behind Google Home), responding to voice-activated instructions as well as with your smartphone.

To take full control of your lighting, all you need is the Collingwood Smart hub to connect to the WiFi (or you can use an Amazon Echo Plus) and to download the CWD Smart app. Use your connected devices to control the selected products from the list below:

Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs (commonly known as lamps) are called smart because they enable lighting to be scheduled, controlled and customized remotely. But they are also powered by LED technology and so use around 75% less energy than traditional incandescent or halogen lamps. This is important because lighting accounts for 19% of the world’s energy consumption and 6% of all greenhouse emissions. But remember, whilst many articles claim that Smart lighting is all about optimising energy, it’s actually the LED lighting technology that optimises energy usage, not simply by switching to Smart products.

Collingwood was one of the first lighting manufacturers to champion LED technology and has been at the forefront of LED lighting for almost two decades, so we are not content to offer anything less than the best Smart lighting bulbs. Indeed, our Smart LED lights all boast a lifespan of 25,000 hours. That’s around 14 years use in the average home and 10,000 hours longer - roughly six years of average use - than most Smart LED light bulbs. It’s also around 25 times longer life than your old incandescents.

The Collingwood Smart lighting system includes three bulb options: GU10 Smart bulbs, E27 Smart bulbs and B22 Smart bulbs. Each comes in three options: as a 2700K warm white dimmable lamp; as a colour changeable bulb that allows you to slide through 64,000 different shades of white, emulating the sun rising and setting, for example, for a more natural transition between sleeping and waking; and as an RGBW colour changing bulb.

The alternative Smart light switch

Smart light switches replace your existing switches with ones that you can control remotely and it is one way to make your existing lights more intelligent. But it means compromising on aesthetics since there are few options in terms of their size and appearance. Instead, the Collingwood system uses a Smart light bridge that can be installed in wall cavaties or ceiling voids. This means that you can retain your runs of existing downlights and keep decorative fixtures like candelabras or the decorative filament bulbs, while instilling the level of intelligence they need to in order to set controls and scenes and create routines. Both dimmable and non-dimmable Smart light bridges are available. Chose the former to control existing dimmable lights.

A Smart plug to fill the gaps

The Collingwood Smart plug will make your dumb electrical devices more intelligent. Simply plug the appliance into our Smart plug and you are ready to connect to the app. This means that table lamps and floor lamps, Christmas tree lights and free-standing fans, bread makers and coffee machines can all benefit from the wide range of built-in functionality.

The smartest route to Smart outdoor lighting

If you’re considering a Smart lighting system, remember to consider your outdoor space too.

Imagine coming home to a beautifully lit garden that had sensed your approach from 300m away using the geolocation feature. Or creating schemes specifically for dinner with the family, drinks with friends or the regular neighbourhood barbecue, All you need do is simply install the Collingwood Smart non-dimmable bridge in the circuit or waterproof junction box (if installed outside) between the light switch and the first light in the circuit and you have smart garden lights too. 

What’s more, it means that you can enjoy all the benefits of Collingwood’s superior outdoor lighting products, existing or otherwise, without the need to compromise on quality in order to achieve your aims. So you can still appreciate Collingwood's IP65+ rated luminaires, their superior lamp lifespan backed by a seven-year extended warranty, and the wide range of products in an enormous variety of beam angles and colours even when you want them to be smarter.

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