Bespoke Bollards Straight to mains Sapele in a choice of styles


Adding style and flair to any design scheme, bollards can add depth and dimension to a landscape. This high-quality bollard is made from a tough and durable Sapele wood with classic domed top and features a triple LED for a wide beam angle. Perfect for use with driveways and pathways, this bollard can be purposely positioned in a uniformed capacity to highlight a space or integrated into a landscape feature. For added flexibility, we have provided two cable entry options - side or base - depending on whether the bollard will be recessed or surface mounted, and a choice between three white LED colour options.

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Bespoke Bollards
Bespoke Bollards
Bespoke Bollards

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Technical details
Partcode Sapele Triple LED Bollards
Part Code Bespoke Bollards
Finish Sapele
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Product code Description
BOL LED BRACKET BOL LED BRACKET Stainless steel bracket for BOL LED range
JB5 (Parallel) JB5 (Parallel) Gel filled waterproof junction box