240W High bay luminaire
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Product code Finish Wattage CCT IP Beam Angle LM lm/W LX@1m
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Introducing the Area Bay LED Luminaire from Collingwood. 

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A high-performance, IK10 and IP65 rated circular LED luminaire designed for high and low bay applications.  Available in four lumen outputs, ranging from 16,000lm up to 38,000lm and 0-10V dimmable, the Area Bay offers energy efficient 4000K lighting, to cover a height range from 8-16 metres.  

Available as a Standard model or Emergency version. 

•    100W | 16K lm | 8 -10 Metres 
•    150W | 24K lm | 10 -12 Metres 
•    200W | 32K lm | 12 -14 Metres 
•    240W | 38K lm | 14 -16 Metres 

High Performance Lighting: 

The light emitted by each LED chip is perfectly refracted through a dedicated lens, ensuring optimal, controlled lighting at 110º beam angle, across a broad area.  This effectively lights large spaces with fewer luminaires required. 

At 4000k and >80Ra, each unit radiates a bright and colour enriching light that helps productivity when picking stock within warehouses, quality control after manufacturing and despatch of production facilities. 

Efficiency is no good without good quality optical control and when used as part of a designed lighting scheme, our 160 lm/W Area High Bay offers low running costs for large area lighting projects.  

Quick & Easy Installation: 

Engineered from corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, the low profile, perfectly balanced luminaire is incredibly lightweight and takes just minutes to instal by a single person.  

At a maximum weight of 2.28kg (standard) and 3.9kg (Emergency), the unit can be held in one hand, whilst attaching the unit to the single source hanging fixture, with the other.  

Controlled Lighting:

For light only when required, there are a range of easy fit, control options.  Choose from PIR, microwave, daylight, DALI-2 and wireless options.  Simply plug the unit in the centre of the light fixture and you are good to go in seconds, with no complex rewiring, or counterbalances required. 

For large installations, with multiple luminaires, the remote control features a bulk upload feature.  This allows multiple lights to be programmed in one go.  And, if for any reason your floor layout changes, our sensors are interchangeable, making it easy to re-apply your lighting control.

Built to last: 

A High Bay is a long term 10-to-20-year investment so the Area Bay has not only been engineered to last but also designed to quickly accommodate upgrades and replacement parts when required.  

The driver is repairable/upgradeable and for Emergency models, the 2yr life Emergency battery, is quickly accessible making it simple to replace when the time comes.

With a 50,000 LED lifetime, and a 5 years warranty and 2 years on site, and low running costs, you can rest assured that the Area Bay is a smart lighting investment. 
(2 years on battery for Emergency Luminaires.)


Product code Description
PIR Sensor PIR Sensor Passive infra-red motion sensor with daylight threshold switch
Microwave Sensor Microwave Sensor Motion sensor with daylight threshold switch
Daylight Sensor Daylight Sensor Daylight harvesting sensor with photocell
Remote Control Remote Control Remote control for commissioning
hbbraem High Bay Bracket Emergency High Bay Bracket Mount Emergency Bracket Mount Stirrup
Extended High Bay Bracket Extended High Bay Bracket 265mm stirrup mount
HBROD High Bay Rod M20 Mount Kit Reduces mounting height by 1.5 metres
HBBRA Standard High Bay Bracket 93mm stirrup mount
  • AREA BAY 240W
  • AREA BAY 240W
  • AREA BAY 240W