DLX Lighting recently completed a project on a premium residential property. The specification received from their customer was to mirror the luxury property with a high-end lighting installation.

Collingwood Lighting was chosen throughout this project due to the reliability and quality of fittings being second to none, along with a diverse range to enable a solution to be found for every situation they came across.

The main challenged faced in this property was that it was a retro fit project, and DLX Lighting needed to use a manufacturer that was compatible with the customer’s current Control 4 system for lighting, audio, video, security and more.

1901 trimless architectural downlights were used, due to the high CRI which enabled them to highlight key features within the property for an ultimate discreet stylish finish. The black baffle version ensured there was minimal glare, and so helped highlight the key features throughout the kitchen, rather than drawing the eye to the light source itself.

The wide beam angle was an ideal choice to wash down the kitchen units and cupboards, and with the narrower beams, they were able to focus the light and draw the eye onto the ovens, coffee machine, and appliances rather than the worktop.

The double trimless version of 1901 was used for the centre island, this highlighted the stonework surface, and due to the limited space in the ceiling, DLX Lighting were able to use the twin 1901 for twice the light output with minimal visual impact in the ceiling.