Design Service

What is lighting design?

Lighting design is the sometimes forgotten means of creating atmosphere and ambience through the expression of light. Lighting designers ensure the optimum selection of light fittings and specify their locations in order to create the desired visual or practical effect.

Lighting design focuses on three fundamental aspects of the illumination of buildings or spaces: aesthetic appeal of the space, its ergonomic qualities and its energy efficiency, ensuring light is not wasted through over illumination.

Our team of lighting designers at The Studio are on hand to create comprehensive lighting designs tailored to meet the visual and practical needs of any project. We strive to produce a lighting solution for a space based on its physical properties, combined with the user’s requirements and budget.

Why produce a lighting design?

At Collingwood, we believe that the lighting selected for a home has just as much of an impact as the furniture – even the most beautifully decorated and furnished room can feel dull and lifeless if poorly lit.

Allow us to help inspire your customers by designing the perfect lighting solution for their project.

When does a project require a design?

As already discussed, lighting used within a property can transform the space as much as furnishings and other aesthetics, so it is really important to factor it in early where possible. Consider budget first – do you and your customer have a particular budget in mind that could extend to include a lighting design?

As an installer, you should also consider the benefit to your business of obtaining a lighting design. Is this project likely to secure a significant profit? Is there potential to win future business if this project is successful? Finally, and arguably the most important factor, is your customer open to design suggestions or are they firm in what they require?

What we offer

At The Studio, our team of professional lighting designers can offer a service bespoke to your needs. As well as producing simple lux level calculations, with their passion and flair for producing creative and effective lighting solutions, our design team is equipped to propose and present a full lighting solution for your project, including 3D visuals of the space. For more sophisticated and complex projects, we offer an Autocad drawing service. Consult the team at The Studio to discuss which level of service will best suit your project by emailing

Information required to produce a design

In order for us to be able to produce a comprehensive and accurate lighting design, the following will be needed:

  • Plans, the sections, dimensions, scale and, where appropriate, pictures.
  • What will the space be used for? This will help determine factors such as colour temperature and required IP ratings.
  • Personal requirements – What are your absolute must haves?
  • Budget – Let us know what cost you have allocated to lighting and we will work together with you to stay within this.