Uplighting essentially encompasses any fitting which throws light upwards, and modern LED uplights now offer a choice of light temperatures to ensure that you can achieve precisely the effect you desire.

Floor uplighters make ceilings appear higher, and rooms generally bigger. They also inject drama into any scheme, indoors or out, and are perfect for framing entrances and windows, emphasising columns or artwork, or simply adding interest to a wall.

Generally, floor uplighters are located fairly close to the walls so that the shape of the light beam is shown to its best effect. This also highlights any texture in the wall itself, adding even more visual interest to finishes like wood or stone. Clearly, however, extra care should be taken with smooth surfaces since the uplighting will emphasise any unintended imperfections. For floor uplighters see ground lights.

Collingwood's LED uplights includes high, mid and low­power luminaires, with illumination ranging from narrow beams to broad washes of light. Ultra low glare and asymmetric options are available, as are products with a particularly shallow depth for easy installation, and we offer a choice of warm and cool whites, amber, blue, green or red light, and RGBW colour changing uplights.

Furthermore, all of our uplighting is suitable for use in any interior or exterior location. They boast a minimum ingress protection rating of IP67, meaning that they are totally dust­tight and fully waterproof against temporary immersion; some are even submersible. They are constructed from 316 stainless steel, ensuring maximum corrosion-resistance, and all boast a 70,000‐hour lamp lifespan, making them a genuine fit and forget fixture.

As with our floor uplighters, with Collingwood wall uplighters the lighting effect is the focus, not the light fitting. Here you will find a number of luminaires that throw their illumination both upwards and down, creating simply stunning effects, even on a fairly bank canvas.

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  1. MC010 S
    MC010 S
    Mini cube LED wall light
  2. MC050
    Straight to mains, decorative wall light
  3. MC015 S
    MC015 S
    Straight to mains mini LED cube wall light
  4. MC020 S
    MC020 S
    Up / down mini cuboid LED wall light
  5. MC025 S
    MC025 S
    Straight to mains, up / down mini LED wall light
  6. MC040
    Straight to mains LED wall light
  7. WL070
    Straight to mains, up / down LED wall light
  8. WL070RGBW
    Up / down LED colour change wall light (24W max.)
  9. WL075A
    Straight to mains, high output LED wall light
  10. WL075CARGB
    High output LED colour change wall light (12W max.)
  11. WL170A
    Straight to mains, up / down LED wall light
  12. WL175A
    Straight to mains, high output LED wall light
  13. WL370A
    Straight to mains, up / down LED wall light
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