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A day in the light

"A day in the light" tells the story of how Colin Wood
spends his day from the moment he wakes up to his
journey home. Here you can see environments where
Collingwood Lighting products play a big part in that
experience and how these products can be used.
Click on the video to view his journey...

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Making the right choice is key to the success of any lighting design no matter how large or small. Specialising in LED, Collingwood Lighting offers you an exciting range of innovative products to help you make the right choice every time.


Whether you are installing a new kitchen, renovating your house or simply bringing new life to your restaurant, Collingwood Lighting is the right choice for you. Be inspired by our range of applications.


Preview the latest edition of the Collingwood Lighting catalogue before it's launch on the 1st of June.

Extended Warranty For Peace of Mind

The fact that Collingwood Lighting designs in the UK and manufactures to the highest standard is the key to our success. We are so confident in our products that we offer an extended warranty on all products carrying the G3, G5 or G7 logo.