Overcoming obstacles when retrofitting 

Converter plates ensure a professional finish for every installation

LED technology has revolutionised lighting across the globe, paving the way for more sustainable future by providing long term energy savings. Upgrading older technologies such as halogen and incandescent light sources is an important step in the move to more energy efficient options. Retrofit installations offer a range of different obstacles that brand new installations don’t, which is why Collingwood go above and beyond to ensure their products can provide a suitable solution for lighting replacements.

The most common of challenges in downlight replacement applications is the size of ceiling cut out, which in some cases may be too large for the product being installed. Collingwood’s range of downlight converter plates provide the perfect solution to this, by bridging the gap between the downlight and the ceiling. Made from quality materials this range of converter plates has been designed to fit the downlight perfectly, as well as ensuring a seamless colour match between the plate and the downlight, for a subtle finish.

The DLCONVERT70 and DLCONVERT are larger converter plates with a diameter of 170mm, providing a solution for ceiling cut outs between 70mm – 150mm. Compatible with the





H2 Pro, H4 Pro and H2 Lite ranges these plates are supplied complete with larger springs, to securely hold the downlight in the ceiling where the ceiling cut out has diameter that is too large for the original spring. To install, the springs of the downlight need to be replaced with the larger springs, then the downlight should first be installed into the converter plate, before securing in the ceiling by pushing the springs into the ceiling cut out.

For a more discreet finish, the DLCVT110 provides a more refined result, with a smaller diameter of 110mm. This option is perfect for smaller ceiling cut outs between 72mm – 95mm or to conceal minor ceiling damage caused by the removal of old fixtures. The smaller diameter of this converter plate allows for even easier installation, with the original downlight springs able to securely hold the downlight and plate in the ceiling. Simply place the downlight into the plate, before guiding the springs into the ceiling cut out, and securing the product into the ceiling.

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