Lighting tips

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School lighting

All you need to know to create the perfect space for students

Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

Transforming an area for outdoor entertaining helps to create an extra external room for something special

Sustainable landscaping lighting

The secret to sustainable landscaping lighting

Outdoor Lighting for hospitality

How to create welcoming spaces for commercial and hospitality businesses

Layering Lighting

Everything you need to know about creating beautifully lit spaces

1901 – Premium lighting Effect

A collection that subtly breathes true colour and radiance into a space.

The dos and don’ts of landscape lighting

Follow our tips to create the best outdoor environments

Dim to warm

Create a high-impact, dynamic environment with 1901


A guide to understanding colour temperature


Revealing the true colours of your surroundings


Improving productivity and employee wellbeing

TP(a) and TP(b)

Understanding thermoplastic diffusers, their applications and differences


Understanding Standard Deviation Colour Matching

Mains vs Low Voltage

Factors to consider in choosing mains or low voltage for landscape lighting

Lux and Lumens

Two lighting metrics to pay attention to

Product Finish

Providing you with luminaires that both look and perform beautifully


Understanding maintained vs non-maintained

Overview of Kelvin measurement

Colour temperature is an important factor in any installation
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