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Proud members of the ICEL, our emergency range of BS EN 60598-2-22-2014 compliant features bulkheads, exit boxes, exit blades, escape routes and a twin spot, all complying with ISO 3864-1, backed up by the Collingwood quality you can trust. The emergency range has a low operating running costs across the long product lifetime, and a three hour duration.

Our comprehensive range of emergency lighting comes in both manual and self-test options, all providing illumination levels which far exceed the legal requirements. The emergency range is ideal for all non-domestic buildings, this includes the exits themselves, plus all the pathways, corridors and stairwells that lead to them, and ensures a safe exit sign when the mains power fails.

Our maintained emergency lights provide illumination under mains power and remain lit under battery power in the event of a mains failure. The non-maintained lights operate only in the event of a power failure.

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