What is Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)?

Choosing the right Kelvin rating for your project.


What is CCT

A white LED can vary in colour temperature, and the colour appearance it creates in a space. These tonal shades of white, or CCT, is measured in Kelvin (K). From warm, amber tones, reminiscent of candle light at the lower end of the spectrum (2700K), through to vibrant white with blue notes, reminiscent of a sunny day 6500K.

Choosing the right shade for your space can make a big difference to the look and feel. It can enhance textures, soothe your mood or bring out vibrant colours and shades.

The Collingwood range is expertly designed to offer colour temperature consistency across the portfolio.  We also have the option of colour switchable in selected items, so you can alter the CCT to suit, when installed.




Referred to as warm white. This creates a warm, cosy and inviting ambiance making it ideal for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. It works well in hospitality areas, in bar areas, restaurants and snugs, as well as spas. Basically, anywhere you want to relax and unwind. It’s amber hue is also ideal perfect for enhancing wood grain, so works well with beams, and furniture.

These warmer tones are well suited to outdoor lighting projects.  Offering a more considerate approach to nature and helping to minimise light pollution from artificial light at night.





Creates a soft yet crisper light, it is a versatile colour temperature making it ideal for bathrooms and home studies where visual tasks are more common.








Creates a brighter, cooler colour which feels clean, fresh and is bright enough to work underneath. This colour temperature is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and workplaces.








Creates a daylight effect, a much brighter white colour similar to a bright, sunny day. This makes it ideal for retail, where true colour representation is vital.

It helps with concentration, so works well in task-based locations, such as offices.

For dark and windowless locations, such as garages and basements as well as security lighting, where clear visibility is required.


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