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Energy efficient at 164Llm/W, this versatile IP44 panel is suitable for a range of applications such as offices, showrooms and retail space. Available in a dimmable option, allows lux levels to be adjusted to suit the requirements of set locations, whilst ensuring a uniform look throughout. TP(a) rated, suitable for use in escape routes.

Features & Benefits

Low UGR with UGR19 available

Wattage switchable between 22W, 24W, 26W & 28W

Energy rating B up to 160 Llm/W

Emergency option is available with LEDEP10

IP44 rated allows the product to be used in a wide range of applications

TP(a) rated diffuser enables use in escape routes

850-degrees glow wire test passed

Can be recessed or surface mounted and includes safety cable

RG0 (Risk Exempt) Photo-biological Risk

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Highly Efficient 160 Llm/W IP44 Wattage Switchable Product

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DALI Self-test emergency converter pack


Surface mount kit for 600 x 600 LED panel


Panel power supply, IP20, 40W, 750mA, DALI, 1-10V, Push-Dim


42W CC Driver, IP20, 300-1050mA, Class II SELV Forward voltage range from 9 to 52Vdc


The LEDEP10 emergency pack enables the conversion of Collingwood LED...


Collingwood's new range of emergency spots contains the latest LED...


Collingwood's new range of emergency spots contains the latest LED...

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