H2 Sense

Product code: DLSENSE

About the H2 Sense

H2 Sense CSP, Housing and Driver, IP65 Non-Dim

Features & Benefits

Colour switchable between 2700K, 3000K and 4000K

PIR light for switching lights OFF that keep getting left ON

High efficacy up to 113lm/W

Hold time - adjust from 30secs up to 15 minutes

Sensitivity - Adjust from close range of 10cm up to 2 metres away

Lux Level - Adjust to keep the light OFF when there is enough natural daylight

Switched live out to other lights up to 200W (max 30 H2 Sense)

Fire-rated Downlight

Bezel sold seperately

Product code
Warranty 5 years
IP Rating IP65 (from below) IP20 (from above)
Sensor Option None
Adjustability Not adjustable
Input 220-240V AC
Insulation Coverable Rolled and blown insulation
Cut Out 68-72
Bathroom Zone 1
Building Regulations Part B, C, E, P & L
Ceiling Joist Approvals Solid timber, I-Joist and Metal Web
Wattage Range 6W
CCT Range 2700K / 3000K / 4000K
Lumens Range 600-675
lm/W Range 100-113
Energy Class E
Dimmable Option None
Emergency Option None



H2 Sense CSP, White Bezel without PIR


H2 Sense CSP, White Bezel with PIR


H2 Sense CSP, Black Bezel without PIR


H2 Sense CSP, Black Bezel with PIR

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