H2 Deco CSP

About the H2 Deco CSP

Upgrade your home’s ambiance with H2 Deco, the innovative downlight that seamlessly blends function and style. With a UGR19 rating, H2 Deco offers true low glare, which reduces eye strain. It also has a Wattage Switch that lets you change brightness from a relaxing 550 lumens to a stunning 1000 lumens. Beyond brightness, this CCT Switchable Product allows you to select the perfect colour temperature (2200K–4000K) to create the perfect atmosphere. Use the 2200K “Ember Light” to create a warm and inviting fireplace mood, or use the 2700K to draw attention to warm tones in wood furnishings. H2 Deco: Where comfort meets design.

Features & Benefits

Designed for living spaces to suit architectural decor

True low glare UGR19 as opposed to perceived low glare

Wattage Switch enables range from 550 up to 1000 lumens

CCT Switchable Product enables colour temperature choice between 2200K-2700K-3000K-4000K

Select 2700K to highlight warm tones in wood, red brick or sandstone

Select 2200K ‘Ember Light’ to minimise blue light and create a cosy fireplace environment

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Wattage & CCT Switchable Architectural Downlight

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Product code
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Dimmable Option
Insulation Coverable
Cut Out
Bathroom Zone
Building Regulations
Ceiling Joist Approvals
Colour / Finish
Wattage Range
CCT Range
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Energy Class
Sensor Option
Emergency Option
Reflector Finish



Emergency converter, Manual-test, 2.5W


250W LED mains grid dimmer


100W LED 2 way push on/ off rotary dimmer


The LEDEP10 emergency pack enables the conversion of Collingwood LED...

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