Layering Lighting

As lighting experts, we truly understand the importance of light within a space and the significance of layering it to create atmosphere, warmth, ambiance and mood. So, here’s our guide to the art of layering light…

Most importantly, it’s imperative to have plenty of lighting options, allowing for flexibility to change the scene in a room, depending on the atmosphere you want to create. Consider rooms with multiple purposes – if a dining space also doubles as a study, there will be a need for a nice, bright light in the day but a more intimate, low-lit atmosphere when entertaining in the evening.

Of course, layering light is perfectly achievable with combining the three main types of lighting; ambient, task and accent.

Ambient lighting is the overall light present in any space – often daylight through a window or the main source of artificial lighting – which allows adequate visibility in a room. Most understand the need for ambient lighting, but do not pursue a lighting design further than this. Think of ambient lighting as a base, which requires the depth and strength of task and accent lighting to bring the entire space to life.

Task lighting is employed for a more specific activity, perhaps our Collingwood LED Strip placed underneath kitchen cabinets to illuminate a work surface, or our Mini Domed marker light illuminating external steps.This kind of lighting also provides an element of safety, ensuring potentially hazardous areas, such as stairways, are suitably lit. Understanding the area that requires lighting will determine which type of task lighting is most suitable.

Accent lighting is a much stronger, more directed light source used for highlighting features internally or externally – whether that’s ornaments and interesting alcoves or water features, shrubs or sculptures. Balance and moderation with accent lighting is paramount, as this should work to highlight intricate details and not drench the entire area in light.

Lighting is as important as other design elements such as playing with texture, colour and material, both indoors and out. Each of the three layers have their individual features and techniques to achieve their combined, magical design.

For best results in achieving a layered lighting design, contact one of our expert lighting designers by emailing or calling 01604 495 151.

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