1901 – Premium lighting Effect

1901 – A unique blend of flawless design with premium light.

A collection that subtly breathes true colour and radiance into a space.

The 1901 story:

Over a century of design, expertise and innovation in lighting.  The 1901 collection is elegantly understated, and yet infinitely customisable.  Emitting an unparalleled quality of light, these LED luminaires add radiance to a room, whilst enhancing the purity of the natural colours.

Available as downlights, pendants and spot lights in stylish matt black or white, 1901 is created bespoke to your lighting scheme requirements at our HQ in Northampton, UK.


Each downlight, spot light and pendant are custom built and hand finished to your specification.  This design versatility, creates a limitless collection to complement each space.  A uniform and stylish look, with layers of light that flow seamlessly throughout a room, or the entire property.

Your lighting scheme, your way, without compromise.

Consider the space, the positioning and the effect that you are looking to achieve from each luminaire in your lighting plan.  For architectural features and artwork, understand the best location for housing the 1901 fixture and the perfect angle for light focus.

With the choice of 2700k, 3000k and 4000k, as well as a mains operated dim to warm CCT, you can achieve the perfect ambience for your setting.

Bring your custom luminaire to life with the 1901 configurator, or for expert assistance with planning your project, contact our lighting design service.

Premium Quality of light:

For a visually superior experience, each LED luminaire is set back within its housing, and engineered with a high CRI.

The recessed design, coupled with a matt black or white baffle option, eliminates the distracting glare that can occur with flush, high shine fittings.  This ensures that the focus of the light, and not the fixture itself, is the centre of attention.  For a pure and comfortable lighting experience.

With the added option of a ‘dim to warm’ lighting, for a seamless transition from 100% brightness through to 10%, for a cosy and tranquil ambience.

For vivid, true to live colours, and dramatic depth and texture, the 1901 collection features a CRI of 90+.  Typically used in luxury retail and high-end hospitality venues, this premium light paints your space with rich and vibrant shades.  The perfect complement for architectural features, artwork and richly textured furniture.


Elegantly discreet, yet infinitely customisable.  From bezel, to baffle and beam angle, experience premium light, your way.  Pristine white, blends subtly within the ceiling, whilst classic black timelessly accents a room.

Engineered for easy and secure installation.  With rolled spring clips, along with loop in and loop out wiring for a flush finish.

Spot Lights:

Tilt, or turn, for the versatility of quality light, exactly where required.  Ideal for walls, ceiling and beams, these monochrome spots can be surface or semi recessed mounted for a sleek look.


Positioned over a kitchen island, a dining table, or desk, pendants create another layer of light in a space.   Elegant, yet discreet, with the option of semi recessed or surface mount, the hanging cable can be adjusted to the perfect height to compliment the setting.

Infinitely customisable, and stylishly versatile,

design your light, your way with the 1901 configurator.   

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