Salvus Route

About the Salvus Route

Collingwood’s new range of emergency spots contains the latest LED and battery technology to ensure the most modern solution with high performance and a long lifetime.¬†With quick and easy installation due to the loop-in/loop-out connector and a low energy consumption of 1W, this energy-efficient spot helps provide a cost-effective solution to emergency lighting. Ideal for commercial or industrial applications.

Features & Benefits

High efficacy of 130lm/W

Quick and easy installation with loop-in/loop-out connector

Low energy consumption of 1W

Interchangeable lens supplied making it easy to use the same product in both open area and corridor applications

High performance providing up to 17 metre spacings

Lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 battery

Flexible battery compartment makes it easy to insert into a ceiling cut-out

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