Salvus Emergency Exit Blade

About the Salvus Emergency Exit Blade

Collingwood’s range of emergency blades contain the very latest LED and battery technology to ensure a modern solution with long lifetimes and high performance.They are suitable for use in open areas and escape routes as an exit sign, with a 30m viewing distance. there is a row of LEDs on the bottom edge of the fixture to provide additional illumination. The range of emergency blades can be used in maintained mode only. Legends are available separately.

Features & Benefits

LiFeP04 battery available

Self-test or Manual test available

Auxiliary floor illumination to light areas under fitting

Maintained, so it can be turned on/off when the mains is on

Has three M20 entry knock-outs (one on each side and one in the bottom), and rear BESA box fixing points

Housing is rugged and made of polycarbonate

30m viewing distance allowing it to be assembled in different room dimensions

Complying with ISO 3864-1, and proud members of the ICEL

Generate Salvus Emergency Exit Blade

50lm, emergency exit blade

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Emergency exit blade suspension kit

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