About the LSNT

Neon strip offers the opportunity to create interesting and exciting lit effects, which cannot be achieved from other light sources. The composition of the Neon strip makes it suitable for use in exterior, as well as interior, spaces. The IP67 rating, UV resistance and salt water / chlorine tolerance make it ideal to be used in conjunction with water sources and swimming pools. Top bend and side bend options extend the effects that can be created in architectural and decorative applications. Ultimately, neon strip provides low glare with a soft and uniform light. These accessories facilitate that effect creation. There are a range of connectors, clips and profiles available as tools for the achievement of the desired effect.

Features & Benefits

A range of connectors, profiles and fixing accessories

Flying leads 50cm, 2 core, cross section 0.5mm2

Maintain strip IP rating

Use with LSNT neon strip (top bend)

Maximum current 2.75A

Generate LSNT

Neon strip connections and fixings accessories

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