Product code: LEDEP06

About the LEDEP06

The LEDEP06 emergency pack enables the conversion of Collingwood LED downlights for emergency operation. When connected, the downlight will perform at full brightness and a green LED will indicate that the battery is charging. In the event of a power failure, the downlight will operate at approximately 25% light output for a minimum of three hours.For reduced time on site and straight out-of-the-box functionality, Collingwood provide a pre-assembled emergency pack service. The LEDEP06 is compatible with the following downlight ranges: H2 Pro 700, H2 Pro Dusk, H2 Pro Elect, H4 range, H5 Trimless, H5 500 range.Please note: if using in conjunction with the H4 FF or H5 Trimless, the LEDEP06 must be purchased as part of Collingwood’s pre-assembled emergency pack service.

Features & Benefits

Provides minimum of 3 hours of emergency lighting

Green light indicates charging of batteries

Pre-wired service offers reduced installation time

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