About the DL CONVERT 110

The power of the Collingwood downlight range allows retrofit into locations where larger downlights were previously installed.To aid installation, Collingwood Lighting has designed a discreet hole converter plate, allowing the H2 Pro, H4 Pro & H2 Lite to be placed in to ceiling holes up to 110mm in diameter. Downlights sold separately.

Features & Benefits

Works with H2 Lite, H2 Pro, and H4 Pro Range's

A discreet solution with a diameter of 110mm

Superior colour matching for improved finish

Can be used to install a downlight where the ceiling cut out is too large, or to conceal ceiling damage caused by the removal of an old downlight.

Can be used with the original spring clips of the downlight

Generate DL CONVERT 110

Discreet converter plates for the downlight range, 110mm diameter

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