Understanding insulation

Difference between insulation types and their implications

Insulation coverable means it allows you to lay insulation directly over your downlights saving energy, and money. It stops the warm air from escaping through the holes created by the recessed downlights.

There are two types of insulation, rolled and blown.

Rolled insulation is a large blanket of insulation that are made from either fibreglass or cotton. It is mainly used in the UK, and can be rolled out between the ceiling joists, and creates less gaps for air to escape through.

Blown insulation is accomplished by blowing out chunks of either fibreglass or cellulose from the hose of a blowing machine. It is mainly used in Europe, however it is much more effective for those hard to reach areas, as the blowing machine will easily insulate those hard to reach areas.





With some older downlights, an accessory was required to lift the insulation off the fitting, which creates a separate air gap to prevent this from overheating, however our R&D team have ensured that with many of our products, this is not the case and the lifetimes are not impacted on our products.

Collingwood use the latest and most efficient LEDs allowing for insulation to be laid directly over the top of our latest range of down lights.

Our insulation coverable products comprise of the H2 Lite range, H2 Pro and H4 Pro range. Which are IP65 rated, fire-rated and dimmable.

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