Product Finish

Providing you with luminaires that both look and perform beautifully

Environments can be tough. Extremes in temperature, salinity and water push products to the edge. Having products that perform effectively on day one and over seven years in the future is a major challenge. Fortunately, there are special touches in Collingwood luminaries, helping them stand up to these tests.

Coastal environments are corrosive. It is common to see metal rusting and degrading, particularly in common building materials like hinges and gates. Lighting is also common to degrade, if it is not specially treated to cope.

Electrical products, opposed to mechanical products, have more inherent danger in degradation. 316 stainless steel is an ideal material to specify in these areas, not only to ensure that the product lasts longer, but that it’s safer to be around. Collingwood uses 316 stainless steel across a wide range of outdoor lighting products. Its wide usage is to ensure that the desired lighting effect remains at the forefront of the conversation, rather than restricting the choices available.

Equally, solid copper available on selected ranges. Copper is one of the least reactive metals available and common in piping and ducting for this very reason.

Alternative methods for Collingwood products are specialised paints and coatings. The residential floodlights and the H2 Pro Extreme use them. This coating results in an approved product for coastal areas. These products are resistant to both rusting and the effects of salt mist.

The High Bays are made from Magnesium Alloy. Magnesium Alloy is used in stealth bombers, drivetrains and Black Hawk helicopters. It is light, strong and tough, perfect for industrial applications. This material also has a high temperature range and opens up a huge area of application.

Materials matter. Collingwood uses the best materials for the best lighting effects. The products are optimised for the environment and ensure that they perform effectively on day one and over seven years in the future.

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