Hairdressers, Northampton

Bringing true colours to light

Often salons need particular lighting to ensure it is comfortable for their customers and stylists showing true colour when it comes to dying hair. Local to our headquarters based in Northamptonshire, England we worked alongside a local contractor and wholesaler in refurbishing the lighting design for this salon.

The problem the owner faced, was trying to solve showing the true colour of hair through lighting and making it a comfortable working environment.

Our range of retail lights was the perfect solution for this project. The fully adjustable luminaires benefit from being able to directing the light as required, which is ideal for hairdressers. The LUXEON crisp white technology of the retail lights make materials fluoresce and a 90Ra CRI which makes colours bolder. With the reliability of the retail range and natural light, it was a perfect solution for the task at hand. The retail lights which were used for this project was our range of small sound and recessed 13W adjustable LED downlight. With the flexibility of rotation and tilting action, this luminaire allows the lights to be directed wherever it is required, whilst remaining discreet.

LED strip lighting was installed to complement the design. A dropped ceiling was created, which was perfect for the strip lights to be placed. This added flexibility to the salon’s additional room, as the strip lights could be turned off and the retail lights could still stay on. The LED strip kit used for this project was our 3000K, IP44, self-adhesive 5m LED strip pack range. This strip range was ideal as it was for an area which required a main source of light within the room.

Our 12W, colour switchable, straight to mains bulkheads were also used for this project, it was a perfect solution for the utility area of the salon. Fitted with a microwave sensor it was ideal for the functionality of a utility room as the bulkhead would only activate when movement is detected, which saves energy and costs.

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