Castle Howard

Castle Howard in North Yorkshire, famed for its pivotal role in TV’s Brideshead Revisited, attracts thousands of visitors each year with many of them making a beeline for the magnificent chapel.

For the past 140 years, the chapel has been largely untouched and remained a sombre sanctuary with its many unique features unseen by the visiting public. According to owner, the Right Hon. Simon Howard, ‘it has long been our ambition to install brighter lighting to highlight the ornate interior. However, it had to be environmentally friendly and cost effective’

Castle Howard’s electrical contractor, Jay Ewbank approached Collingwood Lighting to see if they could respond to Simon Howard’s request. To provide visitors with an opportunity to view the architectural and design detail that had previously gone unnoticed.

Collingwood responded with a lighting plan that fulfilled the strict criteria laid down by the current owner. The project took less than a month to complete with visitors benefitting from an escorted tour for the very first time since its opening to the public.

Each year, around 200,000 visitors take a guided tour around the main house, something they have been able to do since 1952, but the Chapel has always been unguided. The installation of focussed lighting has now enabled the guided tour to be extended to the chapel.

The Collingwood lighting scheme was based on the FL200 flood light. This triple LED unit complete with in- built LED driver is designed to highlight any indoor space or building exterior with its extremely bright 21w light output and 50° beam angle.

Manufactured with an anodised aluminium body and complete with a universal fitting that throws light in any direction, the unit comes with a waterproof mains connector to ensure protection in all weathers.

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