Outdoor entertainment

Outdoor area superbly integrated with intelligent lighting, multiple audio zones and subtle automation to simplify the whole experience.

We worked with BrownHen Solutions, who are experts in installation of smart technology, to create the ultimate integrated intelligent lighting scheme for a customer.

The client wanted to create a lighting scheme that was able to make the outdoor space as usable at night as during the day, and to take advantage of the architectural features to create a stunning effect. Our landscape range was the perfect solution for this project.

We all wanted to make the lighting flow between areas and looked for a range of lighting that would visually and functionally work together. This approach extends more widely across the property where the MC050 and GL022 have been used providing continuity and cohesion with the lighting around the pool.

The customer was looking for a careful blend of mood and task lighting around the pool and within the pool house. The MC020 in combination with the MC010 were used for the exterior walls around the pool area creating stunning effects of up-down lights on the walls. The spot lens keeps the light narrow and direct up and down. The UL030 provided task lighting for the BBQ and dining areas.

The GL100 created a glazing light effect from a domed marine-grade stainless steel 316 housing. This was an ideal solution for a low-glare decorative luminaire used on the pathway leading to the pool area and around the steps leading up from the dining area.

Architectural features like the ‘infinity wall’ was highlighted using the WL075 wall lights. The narrow and intense beam of light enhances the textures on the surface of the infinity wall.

The Studio at Collingwood were able to present 3D renders to BrownHen along with samples of the lights for the overall project.

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