Track Lighting

Track lighting is the ideal option when multiple demands must be met in a restricted space and when flexibility is essential.

LED track lighting offers significant advantages over other systems. LED lights last longer - usually between 20,000 and 50,000 hours. They are so energy efficient that they cost a fraction of the price of halogens to run. And, since they give off no heat, they do not add to the ambient temperature, which is particularly important for the commercial track lighting systems used in shops and offices.

Furthermore, since the advent of truly warm whites, there are no longer any downsides whatsoever to using LEDs. Collingwood has been at the forefront of the LED revolution since 2001, and so are ideally placed to truly appreciate market needs. Our track lighting has been designed primarily with retail applications in mind, and so the luminaires feature Luxeon CrispWhite technology (applicable to all 3000K options) and a Colour Rendering Index in excess of 90, ensuring that whites fluoresce and colours appear bolder, bringing merchandise to life. The luminaires swivel by 355° and tilt by 90°, providing optimum flexibility, and come in a choice of colour temperatures, beam angles and finishes. It is also possible to mix different sizes of luminaire in order to meet needs more precisely. So small, medium or large luminaires can be installed very closely together.

Furthermore, they offer an exceptional lamp lifespan of 70,000 hours, reinforced by a seven-year extended warranty.

Collingwood track lights can be retrofitted into many existing systems and are compatible with GLOBAL™ track, however, our own systems have been as thoroughly considered as our luminaires. Available for suspension, recessed mounting, or surface mounting onto a solid or suspended ceiling, the track comes in one and two metre lengths and can be extended or cut to fit as required.

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  1. Small Track
    Small Track
    Small 16W LED track light black
  2. Medium Track
    Medium Track
    Medium 31W LED track light black
  3. Large Track
    Large Track
    Large 38W LED track light
  4. Suspension / Surface Track
    Suspension / Surface Track
    Black mount to suspend track from ceiling
  5. Recessed Track
    Recessed Track
    Black recessed mount to suspend track from ceiling
  6. RHCL
    Glare reducing honeycomb baffle
  7. RHCM
    Glare reducing honeycomb baffle
  8. RHCS
    Glare reducing honeycomb baffle
  9. SKB12
    Surface mount clamp
  10. SKB11R
    Suspended track clamp
  11. SKB11T
    Suspension ceiling t-bar clamp
  12. SP4R
    Suspension mount clamp
  13. SPR6
    Rod suspension set
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