Low Bay LED Lighting

Low bay LED lighting is generally used in indoor spaces where the mounting position is less than 6 metres from the floor. At just 2.5kg, the Collingwood Lentus range is lightweight and stylish, with a cutting-edge modular design and adjustable mounting options that make it ideal for direct installation in warehouses, factories or any other large open indoor space.

As always, this Collingwood range is at the forefront of LED lighting technology, with a low-corrosion, magnesium alloy heatsink that not only provides exceptional heat dissipation and results in a lamp lifespan of 50,000 hours, but is also on average 36% lighter than its aluminum counterparts. A highly efficient output of 150lm/W ensures further cost and energy savings for fast payback on investment.

Flexibility is ensured with 3-in-1 dimming, allowing you to choose between 1-10V, Resistor and PMW dimming options; 90° and 50x90° PMMA lens options that may be changed in-situ to ensure the perfect spread of light for your particular installation. The microwave sensor option allows for customisation of the standby period and dim levels, daylight and detection sensitivity, and for hold time.

With an IP40 rating and a 5-year extended warranty, Lentus low bay lights provide an efficient, durable and elegant lighting solution in any industrial or commercial application.

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