Bollard Lights

Our LED bollard lights provide a practical and elegant solution to lighting driveways, gardens, paths and perimeters. Of superior quality and construction, endorsed by a full seven-year extended warranty and a massive 70,000-hour lamp lifespan, their installation will improve night-time safety and security whilst their handsome designs will add definition to any garden plan, whether it be commercial or residential.

The timber bollard lights provide powerful directional lighting housed in a choice of oak, iroko or sapele posts, styled to bring a contemporary twist to these classic natural materials. Iroko is a hard, particularly durable wood, which, like oak, naturally weathers to a soft grey over time, although it can also be treated in order to maintain its original colouring. Sapele is also hard - twice as hard as mahogany - and is noted for its superb shades, ranging from pink to gold, red and brown. All three timbers are available in different styles, with single or triple lamps and in a choice of light temperatures, and all are available for surface or recessed mounting.

If you require 360° illumination our anodised aluminium bollard lights are available in two heights, 585 and 985mm. These lights are ideally suited to tough applications like car parks since they enjoy the maximum mechanical impact protection - their IK rating of 10 means that they are protected against 20 joules impact. Installation is particularly easy due to their modular design, and they may be surface-mounted or root-mounted using the marine-grade stainless steel kit.

Outdoor lighting leads a tough life, but not all bollard lights are created equal. All Collingwood bollard lights have an IP rating of 65, meaning that they are totally dust tight (the highest level of protection against the ingress of solid matter), and watertight against low-pressure water jets from all directions. For external commercial and large space lighting suggestions see outdoor lighting, garden lighting for residential ideas as well as deck lights.

For more information on the recommended treatment of wooden bollards, click here

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    Bespoke Bollards
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