Collingwood Lighting has an extensive range of landscape lighting which brings warmth and interest to gardens of all shapes and sizes. We work with a variety of installers who favour Collingwood Lighting due to the quality and standard of the products and the technical support available from the Collingwood team.

Crest Power specialises in transforming property through electrical design by creating bespoke, individual compositions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. This included a luxury landscape lighting project for a Tudor style house and its large English country garden in Harpenden, Herts.

Collingwood Lighting products were used throughout the garden which has a variety of features such as flower borders, pathways, feature trees, steps, bushes, patio areas, steps and fire pits.

Interest and intrigue were brought to every corner with different lighting effects used to softly illuminate trees and bushes, line walkways, edge the lawn, accentuate the stunning house and pick out other interesting features throughout the space. For this project, owner of Crest Power, Shaun Drury, chose Collingwood Lighting products such as the GL019 SPOT, SL040A, GL007A and MS02 IP to create the effects.

Talking through the process, Shaun said: “First of all, we want to create the right ambience so when the clients see it, they are charmed by it. We normally start about four weeks prior to installation of ducting by drawing up a design for the client. We show them all the products we anticipate putting in to the garden – such as ground lights, wall lights, feature lights, spike lights and IP strip."

“Forward planning is definitely key to making sure everything is installed correctly and lasts longer. The client wanted the garden lighting to be like a boutique hotel and hopefully we’ve pulled that off.”

Explaining why Collingwood Lighting is a favoured supplier for Crest Power, Shaun said: “We’ve never had any problems with Collingwood because I know I am going to get the seven-year warranty, the service, the support; so I can’t praise them enough."

“The technical support is amazing. I think the technology is up there and for myself there’s peace of mind because I know I can put that product in and walk away from it, I don’t have to touch it again.”