WL070RGBW Up / down LED colour change wall light (24W max.)

This 24W, wall-mounted colour-change LED is both practical and versatile. By throwing light upwards towards the ceiling and downwards towards the floor, it provides a much wider solution to illumination. In addition to providing the entire range of colours - including the most subtle pastels - a pure white light is available for the times when practicality is more important than atmosphere. With an anodised aluminium casing, this light suits the most sophisticated environments. Used alone, it brings out the detail of a wall or used as an array, its possible to illuminate a wide expanse of wall with atmospheric colour.
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Technical details
Partcode WL070RGBW
Construction Material Anodised aluminium
Extended Warranty 5 year extended warranty
Beam Angle 45°
Colour temperature RGBW
IP Rating IP65
Wattage 6
Wattage (Blue) 6
Wattage (Green) 6
Wattage (Red) 4
Lm/W (Blue) 13
Lm/W (Red) 73
Lm/W (White) 67
Lm/W (Green) 77
Lumens (Blue) 38 / 38
Lumens (Green) 230 / 230
Lumens (White) 200 / 200
Lumens (Red) 145 / 145
Lux at 1m (Blue) 01-Jan
Lux at 1m (White) 154 / 154
Lux at 1m (Red) 60 / 60
Lux at 1m (Green) 168 / 168
Ambient Temperature 35°C
Wiring Type Series
LED Life 50,000h L50 B50
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