UL347CARGB 45° colour change wall washing light bar (12W max.)

The ability to bathe a wall with a tightly controlled strip of light brings out the best of its architectural detail. This tiltable, wall-washing bar lets you direct a 45° colour change beam at the exact feature you want to highlight. It's bright, precise and suitable for any location - indoors or out. The unit features high-power Luxeon LEDs, 180° tilt and removable feet which attach anywhere along the underside. Although the LEDs in RGB colour-change fittings can be run together to produce white light, the units are not designed to work this way, so using them as white lights shortens the product life and voids the warranty. Use RGBW products if you wish to use white light.
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Technical details
Partcode UL347CARGB
Ambient Temperature 35°C
Bathroom Zone 1
Construction Material Anodised Aluminium
Electric Class 3
Extended Warranty 5 year extended warranty
LED Life 50,000h L50 B50
IP Rating IP65
Tilt Angle (°) 180°
Input Cable Length M 1x 3m
Finish Black
Beam Angle (°) 45°
Colour Temperature RGB
CRI (%) -
Lm/W Green 12
Lm/W Green 70
Lm/W Red 19
Lumens Blue 51
Lumens Green 285
Lumens Red 77
Lux at 1m Blue 90
Lux at 1m Green 535
Lux at 1m Red 175
Wiring Type Series
AC Input Voltage V 220 - 240 V Ac 50/60hz
More Information
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Product code Description
LED RGB 0.75 CABLE LED RGB 0.75 CABLE 4-core PVC cable
JB3 JB3 Waterproof junction box
ULBRACKET ULBRACKET Anodised aluminium bracket for LEDLINE range