Remote Control

Product code: HBREM

About the Remote Control

Control and update the sensor settings of your Area Bay Luminaires with one just remote. Collingwood’s remote offers the flexibility of updating a single light, through to a time saving bulk change across a number of luminaires.   Save set up time, and have instant control across your luminaires, all from an easy to use remote. Compatible with the: HBPIR – PIR Sensor HBMWS – Microwave Sensor HBDLS – Daylight Sensor

Features & Benefits

One remote for all control options Use with sensor - HBPIR HBMWS HBDLS HBLMWS

Press 'Start' to begin, commission the sensor within the first high bay

Press 'Memory' to save those setting

Press 'Apply' to send the saved settings to the next high bay

Light will flicker when receiving settings from the remote to confirm commissioning is complete

Batteries are included

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