Dimmer 24Vdc LED STRIP

About the Dimmer 24Vdc LED STRIP

The LEDEP10 emergency pack enables the conversion of Collingwood LED panels, commercial and residential downlights for emergency operation. When connected, the LED indicates the emergency unit status by turning it green or red. In the event of a power failure, the luminaire light output will be dimmed down. for a minimum of three hours.For reduced time on site, the cables are connected by push-fit terminals and DC plug & play connectors.The LEDEP10 is compatible with the Solis panels, Thea commercial downlight, H2 Pro, H4 Pro and H5 downlights.

Features & Benefits

Self-test and Manual-test switchable

LiFePO4, provides long operational life

A minimum of 3 hours of emergency lighting

Built-in protection: - open circuit - over charging - over discharging - over temperature

Dual colour Green / Red LED status indicator

Supplied with a test button, whereby a battery duration test can be carried out at anytime

Synchronizes an automatic battery duration test every 6 months

Compatible with our Solis panels, Thea commercial downlights, H2 Pro, 1901 and H5 downlights, however this does not apply to trimless

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