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Current regulated IP68 waterproof strip

Products codes: LSC8340050, LSC8330050, LSC8327050, LSC8340XXX, LSC8330XXX, LSC8327XXX

The LSC83 is Collingwood's only fully submersible LED strip in the range. Rated to IP68, the LED strip can be submersed up to 1.5m and can be easily installed using a supplied set of screws and clamps. Use to bring any water feature to life or simply use indoors to enhance the lighting in the bathroom.

Available in 5m reels or bespoke lengths.  Choose bespoke lengths from 0.1m to 9.9m when looking to create light in multiple places or when less than 5m is required.

5m reels are supplied with a male and female connector for easy connection to the power supply when used with the LSC8PWL and for connecting two 5m reels together using the LSC8EXT. Bespoke lengths are supplied with a flying lead ready to connect to LSC8PWL, the LSC8EXT cannot be used.


Features & Benefits:

Hardwearing clear water-proof covering

Available in 5m lengths (Join up to a max 10m with no light loss)

Also supplied in customised lengths (0.1m up to 9.9m in 0.1m increments)

IP68 up to 1.5m

250mm waterproof leads attached

Complete with fixing clips and male/female connectors for easy install (5m reels)

Not suitable for installation in chlorine or bromine environments

NB: Cutting to required length length will render this product non-returnable.


Guarantee: 3 years

    Construction material: Flexible tape with PU coating