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Colour change self adhesive flexible strip (10W max)

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Products codes: LS5RGB050, LS5RGBXXX

The LED5050RGB lets your creative side run free. This flexible, self-adhesive strip fits inside and around just about any shape you can think of. Use it to bring a glow of illuminated magic to any commercial or domestic situation.

This 10W strip has an LED every 20mm to give the visual effect of continuous light, and a cut point every 125mm for complete design flexibility. 

Features & Benefits:

Hardwearing clear covering

High output LED strip using 'next gen' current regulation technology

Long lengths (up to 5m)

Cut point every 125mm

200mm ribbon cable attached 

Foil backed flexible PCB dissipates heat (improves LED life and colour stability)

3m self adhesive backing

Supplied in customised lengths (0.125m up to 4.875m in 125mm increments) 5m reel also available

NB: Cutting to required length will render this product non-returnable

    Construction material: flexible tape