Encastré 1901 basse luminance trimless simple
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Références Finition Puissance Couleurs IP Faisceau LM lm/W LX@1m
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More than a century of design and innovation helped inspire the creation of the luxurious architectural 1901 range, for when only the best will do.1901 is both contemporary and classic, with a focus on premium fittings, a high-quality performance and easy integration into control systems. Perfect for luxury residential and hospitality projects, 1901 showcases an aesthetically simple, low-glare luminaire design, with market-leading technical performance. The detailed fittings come in a variety of stylish options including a choice of bezels, adjustability, colour temperatures, beam angles, dimming methods, and IP ratings to perfectly complete the look of any interior design project. Simply configure your product to find the relevant product code. The range is engineered to be as easy to use as possible and can fit seamlessly into the installation and commissioning stages of a lighting project.

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Références Description
BDLFH2 BDLFH2 Élégant encastré architectural de basse luminance
LEDEP08 LEDEP08 Kit d'éclairage de secours
  • 1901
  • 1901
  • 1901