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Product code Finish Wattage CCT IP Beam Angle LM lm/W LX@1m
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Controlling your RGB & RGBW products with your phone, computer or tablet could not be easier with the TR2818. Simply add this unit into your Collingwood Lighting colour change installation and select from a huge array of colours in comfort. Once you have downloaded the App called EASYLIGHTING, you can personalise your device by taking photographs, control colours/cycles, store your favourite colours, set up to eight different zones and make the colours change using the sound to light options. Simply connect directly or via your own wi-fi. Features and Benefits: RGBW/RGB control Allows WiFi connection from iPhone, iPad and Android devices to control C100924 RF controller Free Collingwood RGBW app available from App Store & Google Play™ store.
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PS1524 PS1524 24V Driver