Mains voltage LED twin pole spike light
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Product code Finish Wattage CCT IP Beam Angle LM lm/W LX@1m
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Sleek and contemporary, these twin pole spike lights offer a great new and practical way to illuminate your landscape with interesting and discreet lighting angles. Featuring two SL220 spike light luminaires with one leader cable, you can direct light up or down via rotatable heads, for perfect illumination of pathways, features and trees. Features include IP65 rating for outdoor use, efficacy of 144lm/W, tiltable up to 90° and rotatable up to 330°. There are also straight to mains and low voltage options, three colour temperatures and three finishes to choose from. A seven-year warranty is also available. Upgrade the look and feel of your spike light with a simple low glare hood or snoot, for optimum light distribution, or calming moonlight effect.
Product code Description
GH220 GH220 Low-glare, tapered hood
GS220 GS220 Low-glare, cylindrical snoot
  • SL230
  • SL230
  • SL230


  1. SL030
    1W LED spike light
  2. SL220
    Low voltage LED spike light
  3. SL230
    SL230 Stainless low voltage

    Low voltage LED twin pole spike light

  4. SL240
    SL240 stainless mains
    Mains LED twin bar spike light