Industrial Lighting

The sheer quantity of light fittings required to successfully illuminate the vast open spaces found in warehouses, factories and workshops mean that large cost savings can be made by replacing traditional metal halide, high pressure sodium (HPS) or fluorescent lighting with modern LED technology, thanks to its vastly improved lamp lifespan and far greater energy efficiency.

Widely regarded as the foremost integrated LED lighting brand on the market, all Collingwood luminaires are recognised to contain the highest quality LED chips and materials, and the recently launched industrial lighting range continues this theme of excellence with high-efficacy bay lighting, floodlights and anti-corrosive fittings, all offering exceptional lamp lifespans of 50,000 hours.

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  1. Caiman

    4ft Single, anti-corrosive LED

  2. Caiman

    4ft Twin, anti-corrosive LED

  3. Caiman

    5ft Single, anti-corrosive LED

  4. Caiman

    5ft Twin, anti-corrosive LED

  5. Caiman

    6ft Single, anti-corrosive LED

  6. Caiman

    6ft Twin, anti-corrosive LED

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