Our most popular downlights are now certified by independent fire test facilities 
for use with solid timber, I-Joists and metal web joists.

Collingwood are the first company to produce a fit-for-purpose, high performance, fire-rated downlight that enabled compliance to Part B of the building regulations. In the period since, we have supplied millions of downlights worldwide.

We have worked, together with independent fire test facilities, to test and approve our most popular fire-rated downlights for use with solid timber, I-Joists and metal web joists, complementing our suite of ceiling approvals.


  Solid timber I-Joist - 30 mins Metal Web - 30 mins
Product 30 mins 60 mins  90 mins James Jones Staircraft Wolf systems ITW  Mitek
1901 (Downlights)                
H2 Lite   
H2 Lite CSP  
H2 Lite 500 CSP
H2 Lite 400 CSP          
H2 Lite 500    
H2 Lite 500 CSW
H2 Pro 550 
H2 Pro 550 SPS    
H2 Pro 550 CS    
H2 Pro 700
H2 Pro Elect            
H2 Pro Elect Trimless          
H2 Pro Dusk           
H2 Pro      
H4 Pro 550 
H4 Pro 550 SPS     
H4 Lite
H4 Pro      
H4 Pro Elect          
H5 Trimless        
H5 1000              
H5 500              
GU10 IP20 Fixed Downlight          
GU10 IP65 Fixed Downlight          
GU10 Adjustable Downlight          


What is a timber I-Joist?

These are purposely engineered to be light and strong, whilst removing the imperfections which can come from natural timbers.

The name comes from the shape. There is a top and bottom flange element with the web in between.

Their common application is within residential floors, roofs and are becoming increasingly popular with their benefits over solid timber joists. Such benefits include the ease of handling due to their light weight, less prone to warping and ease of drilling to install services such as pipes and cables.

What is a metal web joist?

A metal web joist is a combination of timber chords and pressed metal webs, which form an open web joist. The open web allows for installations of services like pipes and cables to pass through the metal webs without the need for cutting holes within the joist.

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