Request an energy assesment


With energy costs escalating, it’s the right time to look at where you can make savings! Small changes can make a big difference! You might not have thought about your lighting, but…

Did you know that LED’s use 82% LESS ENERGY that traditional lighting?

So, whether you’re a school or office, factory or warehouse, it pays to see just how energy efficient your current lighting set up is.

Here at Collingwood, we’re committed to creating the right lighting scheme to efficiently support your needs. Our engineers and design team work with you to understand your lighting requirements. We’ll recommend the right luminaires to optimise your lighting along with smarter working practises to keep the bills down.


We believe in:

The Right Light – The correct number of luminaires and lighting output to illuminate your space.
The Right Time – Using smart sensors to activate lighting, only when required. To reduce energy costs and light pollution.

So, if you’re in the dark on your lighting, why not request an on-site Lighting Audit from a Collingwood Engineer and get your lighting working smarter for you!