Smart rotary dimmer

Turn standard luminaires on/off or dim via the wall

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Product code Finish Wattage CCT IP Beam Angle LM lm/W LX@1m
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The Collingwood smart rotary dimmer is a simple but effective way of controlling the amount of light in a room. We have designed this with easy to install elements, and with a simplified process of connecting and using. This is a straight swap in and swap out of standard dimmers. It uses the existing wiring method. This dimmer can fit into a 25mm back box. 
The Collingwood CWD smart app is required to activate this dimmer. When the app has been downloaded, connectivity to the smart hub, the smart rotary dimmer as well as voice assistances such as Amazon Alexa or Google assistance is made easy. Allowing you to create a customised dimmable effect.

Product code Description
Smart Hub Smart Hub

Capacity max 30 devices

  • Smart rotary dimmer
  • Smart rotary dimmer
  • Smart rotary dimmer