Commercial lighting for spaces like offices, hospitals, institutions and government buildings demands functionality first and foremost. A long lamp lifespan, better durability and improved energy saving are of primary importance, and the lighting design must consider the type of activity undertaken to ensure that the resulting lux levels provide optimum comfort.

LED lighting offers tremendous advantages over traditional fluorescent fittings. Indeed, it is no coincidence that the move to LED has been one of the fastest technology shifts in the world: without doubt, it is the future of illumination. LED lights last longer - often well in excess of 20,000 hours. They also use significantly less power and their use is contributing to the considerable dent that improved efficiency is making in the UK's energy demands. And, since hidden technology dissipates any residual heat, they do not affect the ambient temperature.

Furthermore, there are now no downsides to LED luminaires, with warmer white lights being readily available.

Downlights and panel lights form the core of commercial lighting products and, once more, Collingwood lead the market. The entire collection of commercial downlights are colour switchable, offering a choice of 3000, 4000 and 6500 Kelvin in one luminaire which may be selected at the point of installation in according with client preference. They are mains dimmable and provide market-leading efficiency of up to 117lumens/watt, and with an IP54 rating, they may be fitted throughout, including in bathrooms. Plug and play connectors ensure quick and easy installation, and their unique heatsink design ensures a truly impressive lamp life of 50,000-hours endorsed by a five-year extended warranty.

Of course, all commercial buildings must incorporate a lit egress in the event of a power failure, so emergency lighting must be incorporated into any scheme. Emergency versions of these downlights are available.

Outdoors, bollard lights and bulkhead lights will ensure well-lit driveways, paths, perimeters and car parks, providing vital employee and public safety. Floodlights may be used to similar effect, or to add interest to the building’s exterior, and step lights will turn a potential trip hazard into a safe and stunning feature.

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  1. Thea 12W
    Thea 12W

    1200-1300lm colour switchable commercial downlight

  2. Thea 16W
    Thea 16W

    1600-1700lm colour switchable commercial downlight

  3. Thea 24W
    Thea 24W

    2600-2800lm colour switchable commercial downlight

  4. Thea 32W
    Thea 32W

    3400-3500lm colour switchable commercial downlight

  5. Solis

    Backlit 600 x 600 LED panel

  6. Solis

    Backlit 1200 x 600 LED panel

  7. Solis

    Backlit 1200 x 300 LED panel

  8. Salvus
    400lm, self test emergency twin spot
  9. WL94 18W
    WL94 18W

    IP44 LED Bulkhead

  10. WL94 10W
    WL94 10W

    IP44 LED Bulkhead

  11. WL92 12W
    WL92 12W

    IP65 1,350lm Bulkhead

  12. WL92 19W
    WL92 19W
    IP65 2,550lm Bulkhead
  13. LEDEP09
    3-hour non-maintained emergency pack
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