GL019 Ultra low-glare 1W mini LED ground light


This ultra low-glare, IP68 ground light is a stunning product for illuminating entrance halls, pathways and circulation areas of both interiors and exteriors. The light source is recessed further back into the ground keeping it hidden from view, but still provides a powerful upwards light beam. This marine-grade stainless steel unit will give a flawless performance for many years of maintenance-free operation. Available in three colour temperatures and two beam angles, this product will suit any interior or exterior design.

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GL019 Ultra low-glare
GL019 Ultra low-glare
GL019 Ultra low-glare

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Technical details
Partcode GL019 Ultra low-glare
Part Code GL019 Ultra low-glare
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Product code Description
TUBE TUBE Installation tubes
JB2 (Series) JB2 (Series) Waterproof junction box
PDC/GRID DIMMER PDC/GRID DIMMER Grid dimmer kit for multiple fitting types
JB4 (Series) JB4 (Series) Gel filled waterproof junction box
JB6 JB6 Inline IP68 gel filled cable connector
Product code Description
PLR/350 1-5 PLR/350 1-5 350mA Driver
PLU/350 1-9 PLU/350 1-9 350mA Driver