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Wall lights are both a practical and pleasing lighting solution. In rooms where ceilings are relatively low or space is at a premium - bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways, for example - wall lights may well be sufficient to provide both ambient and accent lighting in one exciting scheme. Outdoor wall lights are equally adaptable, lighting your way home and aiding security all whilst accentuating the building’s best architectural features.

With LED wall lights, the illumination is the star. If you are framing a window or door, you could use a fitting that throws light both up and down such as the WL170. Other products offer effects within effects. Use the WL060 or WL160 for a broad spread of light downwards with a diffused glow above, or the MC040 or MC050 for a broad beam downwards and a narrow ascending flare. If you have sufficient ceiling height, equal columns of concentrated bi-directional light look tremendously striking - and work brilliantly when flanking a mirror.

If you only want downwards light you can choose between a focused beam for drama or a broad beam to give more general illumination. But at Collingwood we also offer adjustable, asymmetric or angled beams, fittings that throw off decorative effects and others that cast beams in multiple directions; we even have a tiltable light that allows you to choose and change the prevailing direction of illumination on a whim. We have wall lights in copper, bronze and black, in brushed aluminium and in stainless steel. Moreover, we have wall lights emitting warm white, cool whites, amber, red, blue or green light; even all options in one colour changing unit.

Most of the Collingwood collection has an IP65 rating. This means that they are fully dust tight and protected against low-pressure water jets from all directions, making them suited for all outdoor and indoor use, including kitchens and bathrooms. Most boast an incredible 70,000-hour lamp lifespan and are backed by a seven-year extended warranty. Additionally many are straight to mains, meaning that they have a built-in driver that makes them perfect for retrofit as well as new installations.

For more light washing solutions visit architectural lighting, and for security lights check out our motion sensing bulkhead lights.

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  1. GL021
    Small slotted LED ground light
  2. GL022
    Square 30° slotted LED ground light
  3. ML01
    Decorative LED mini light
  4. ML02
    Decorative LED mini light
  5. ML03
    Mini halo LED wall light
  6. WL339
    Asymmetric, straight to mains, cast step light
  7. WL340

    Asymmetric, straight to mains step light

  8. WL340
    Asymmetric, straight to mains, brushed step light
  9. WL341
    Asymmetric, straight to mains, cast step light
  10. WL342
    Asymmetric, straight to mains, brushed step light
  11. WL342

    Asymmetric, straight to mains, antique brass step light

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